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Composites Now Have Their Own Week – And It’s a Good Thing

Did you know that composite materials now have their own designated week? It’s true. August 26-30, 2019 marked the first of what are hopefully annual events intended to highlight the importance of composites in everyday life. It seems like we have national days and weeks for just about everything else, so why shouldn’t composites get in on the fun?

The inaugural National Composites Week (NWC) was apparently quite a success. A decent number of well-known companies in the composites sector participated by promoting the day, hosting facility tours, highlighting successful case studies, and so forth. Participants included recognizable names like the American Composites Manufacturing Association and Composites World magazine.

More About Composites

When we talk about composites in the modern era, most people think about things like carbon fiber, glass fiber, and Kevlar. Yet the universe that is composites is not limited to these kinds of materials. Composites can be all sorts of things made with a full range of materials including plastics, wood products, metals, and so forth.

Salt Lake City’s Rock West Composites explains that a composite is a product made up of two or more unique materials combined together. The two most important characteristics of composites are the following:

  • each material that makes up the composite maintains its own unique identity; and
  • the individual characteristics of each one combine to create a product with superior performance.

What we typically call carbon fiber is really a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), according to Rock West. It consists of a carbon fiber fabric combined with epoxy resin. Both the fabric and resin maintain their unique identities within the finished product while the properties of both combine to create a plastic that is both stronger and lighter than steel.

More About NWC

Getting back to NWC, an annual observance of the role composites play in daily life serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it lets manufacturers know that there are other options. Composites may not be right for every application, but they are at least worth looking into in most cases.

Next, highlighting the role composites play might encourage young people to pursue a career within the industry. This is important given the current shortage of technically skilled workers. Companies like Rock West are only going to need more employees as the industry grows. The more young people we can get involved in composites now, the stronger the workforce will be moving forward.

Finally, an annual recognition of the composites industry highlights some of the successes achieved to date. This is important for generating enthusiasm about composite materials. For example, one or two case studies could be all that’s necessary to convince local politicians to look at composite materials for infrastructure applications. Turning to composites could mean saving money and extending infrastructure life at the same time.

Plan on Participating in 2020

If your company is part of the composites industry and this is the first you are hearing of NWC, plan on participating in 2020’s event. There is a National Composites Week website that is likely to start featuring updated info sometime next year. The organizers behind NWC will start feeding 2020 information to those interested in participating.

If they follow this year’s model, NWC organizers will offer free downloads of materials companies can use to promote the observance. They will also offer practical suggestions like conducting plant tours, highlighting composites on social media, reaching out to university and high school students, and so forth.

Yes, composites now have their own week. And that is a good thing.…

How A Warmer Home Can Help You

There are many homes in America who are not as prepared as others when it comes to getting ready for the intense cold season. In many parts of the country, there are states that can end up reaching sub-zero temperatures that can end up causing quite a bit of health consequences and harm to many individuals. Fortunately, there are many different things you can act on in order to keep your home or warmer during the winter season. But, you also want to keep in mind that being exposed to cold weather can actually cause many health risks. According to Healthline, some of the common risks that may be associated with prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures may include the following: possibility of getting frostbitten, hypothermia, can increase your chances of getting a heart attack, increasing your blood pressure, and can significantly dry out your mucous membranes and your skin. In addition, because of the cold weather you may end up finding yourself remaining indoors quite often. The sedentary behavior may also cause you to later experience a risk of obesity, heart disease and many other health issues. Which is why it may be recommended to continue to keep your home warmer in order for you to avoid all of these common health risks with the extreme cold temperatures.

Referring to Cool Antarctica, a study that was conducted discovered that the cold temperatures can actually reduce your overall immune response that can increase your susceptibility to the common cold and also even the flu virus. Researchers have found that the reason that cold temperatures can contribute to diminishing your immunity to the common cold and flu virus is simply because of the reduction of blood low throughout the body which means that there are also a reduction in the white blood cells available to fight off viruses and bacteria. This is why it is critical to protect your household by simply keeping your home warmer. There are many different methods and strategies that you can depend on in order to properly heat your home. One of the most effective ways to keep in your home warmer is by simply keeping up with a quality furnace. If your home does not have a quality furnace, you can easily reach out to your nearest professional HVAC contractor in order to have one installed.

Fortunately, you were able to avoid all of the health risks by simply keeping your home at a comfortable and warmer temperature during the winter season. You can reach out to your nearest professional contractor in order to have someone come out to your home and assist you in deciding what the best course of action is for properly warm in your home. You can also search online to find your nearest professionals by looking up a furnace installation freehold nj.

It is a fact that a warmer home can actually help you. During the extreme winter season, you want to make sure that you are keeping your household safe by warming your home. Contact your nearest professional today in order to get started in maintaining your health and safety with the assistance of a furnace.…

Five Precautionary Measures While Using Machinery

It is crucial for you to understand the jargon pipe cutting and the forms it takes before venturing into the market in search of the services. Pipe cutting, commonly referred to as pipe profiling, is an art of the craft that involves reshaping and removing materials from a pipe or a tube to the expected outcome. The cuts made are then joined or sandwiched together through the industrial process of arc welding. Some examples of the end product after the pipe gets cut include; Profiles such as midsection holes, saddles and straight cuts. To go ahead and introduce the different forms of pipe cutting to include the following;

Hot Cutting

As the term implies, hot cutting involves cutting a piece of metal. Hot cutting is usually a risky venture since it utilizes a thermal torch to cut through the pipe. And one should employ safety precautions and gear.

Cold Cutting

Cold cutting is entirely different from hot cutting as it refers to cutting pipe without the need for heat. Instead of the utilization of excitement as the cutting tool, cold cutting usually makes use of Air or hydraulic driven machines. While utilizing and optimizing tools for any pipe cutting minneapolis mn, it is crucial for contractors and others alike to employ every precautionary directive and measure. The measures ensure that their safety is the primary concern. Some of the most employable safety precautions include;

Use of Protective Gear

It is strongly recommendable that contractors should, at all times, wear protective equipment for their safety. While handling cutting pipes machinery, contractors should wear protective eyeglasses and gloves for their hands.

Training for Compliance

As a supervisor to a team of contractors, it is very crucial that they well equipped with proper training of handling, usage and maintenance of cutting machinery. Being pro-active and taking pro-active measures reduces the risks and uncertainties as well as making every contractor liable for their safety. In addition, the training consistent compliance substantially reduces the number of accidents in the work environment.

Do Not Use Defective Or Obsolete Safety Equipment

Not wearing damaged or out of order equipment’s should go without saying. It goes to all contractors to adhere to the said rule for the overall benefit of their safety and their colleagues. Contractors should hold their counterparts with due respect and should, therefore, not engage in practices that would affect the serenity or their safety.

Always Dispose Or Keep Away Tools That Are Not In Operation

Contractors are professionals and should, therefore, treat the work environment with a little dignity. Cutting machinery are no joke and if not in service and left around can cause great havoc risking everyone’s lives. Contractors should, therefore, ensure that tools which are not needed are locked away for safe keeping till their need arises.

Report Any Anomaly As Soon As Possible

While cutting pipes machinery, contractors should be keen on how the equipment is affecting the work. Any notable misbehavior should be quickly taken to the supervisor so that the right action is sort. Contractors who do not report anomalies in machinery puts all those involved at risk.…

Some Info on Concrete Lifting Services

In building and construction, the contractors do a great job in providing excellent services for both homeowners and other real estate investors. For instance, they offer construction services such as concrete lifting lexington ky, which involves the leveling of the slab to increase its lifespan. These services are vital to prevent wear and tear of the surface material due to natural exposure. The slab lifting has proven to increase the life of contrite surfaces up to 50 years. With such, the cost of maintenance is lowered to a significant degree.

Generally, concrete sinking is quite a common occurrence. Usually, it happens when the initial installation was done poorly, or there was a water runoff. These two can affect the settling of the concrete. Therefore, there is a need to hire a contractor to carry out slab lifting. You should hire an experienced contractor for this, who will render the best services.

Pouring a Finishing Concrete

The concrete mixture is massive, and you need tools that will help you finish the project efficiently.  Before the pouring process, you will have to clear the ground and any object that can interfere in the process. You should as well prepare the subbase and subgrade. Before adding the subbase, you should ensure that the subgrade is in level and adequately compacted. For the subbase, you can choose closed or open grade stones which are less expensive and efficient. The compacting with a plate compactor is a must to make sure the layer is as per the standards required.

The wire mesh and a wooden perimeter ensure that the pouring of concrete is uniform and controlled. The mixture is in the ratio of 1:2:4, i.e., Cement, sand, and gravel in several measures. Water should be added in the concrete mixture to make concrete. After pouring the concrete, you can compress it if necessary. After that, you can use a 2X4 in leveling the concrete. For better finishing, you can prepare using a bull float. You should avoid making flat or rounded ends. It is always good to create smooth, rounded ends.

Wait now for the concrete to dry partially using the correct timing. You can wait for the water to evaporate and rise to the surface of the concrete. You can opt to apply a hardener on the top layer. By the use of a hand float, you can compact and smoothen the surface. The process of sealing should be professional.

In conclusion, slab lifting is a great idea for your building. Having a strong structure that will serve you for long should be your specific goal. While hiring a contractor for this, it is essential to confirm the type of materials he will use for lifting. Use of Rock Dust provides a light sub-grade material that has an inorganic matter that lasts for long. It works very well to cover the surface, thus, preventing any breakdown of the filler material. Therefore, you should not allow the contractor to use the topsoil though cheap since it will wear down with time. You should be concerned with the quality of the filler material used, which will guarantee a long life.