Winter can be a lot more comfortable with proper heating. Doing maintenance of heating systems provided by brands like Turner & Schoel, can significantly improve their performance and lifespan and may save you from stress during peak winter days. Here are some handy DIY tips for heating service, heater installation, and furnace repair.

The first step is regular inspection. A routine check every six months is recommended. Take note of any unusual noises and if the system is providing sufficient heat. Check dust build-up around vents, listen for strange sounds, and make sure the thermostat is reading the correct temperatures.

DIY Maintenance

Next, we move on to do-it-yourself maintenance work. For your safety, ensure to switch off the electricity supply to your heating system before starting. Use a high-powered vacuum or air compressor to remove dust from the vents. If you are comfortable doing so, you can also clean the interior components of your heating system. It is essential to remove any residue from the burner. Carefully use a small soft brush to eliminate any debris and a vacuum to clean it up. Remember, the cleaner your system, the more efficient it is.

Furnace Filter Replacement

Arguably one of the most critical parts of maintaining your heating system is replacing the furnace filter. A good rule of thumb is to replace the filter every three to six months, or when it looks dirty and clogged. Replacing a furnace filter is rather easy; typically it’s located inside the blower compartment, but it can also be in the return air duct. Slide the old filter out and insert the new one in. Remember to note down the size of your filter; it should be written on the side of the filter.

Professional Assistance

Finally, it’s worth noting that although these tips can help maintain your system, there might come a time when you need professional assistance for your heating needs, especially when your heating system displays symptoms such as erratic behavior or complete shutdown. Turner & Schoel, for instance, has expert technicians ready to help with all heater service, heater installations, and furnace services.

Remember, proactive maintenance can delay the inevitable wear and tear that your heating system will naturally experience, but it can’t completely prevent it. Stay safe and warm this winter by maintaining your heating system, but always know when to call in the experts to handle the bigger issues.