6:30 AM – Morning Briefing

The day starts early at Pelles Heating & Cooling Services. Our team gathers for a quick morning briefing to go over the day’s schedule and any special jobs that require extra attention. Today, we have a few routine maintenance visits and a couple of homeowners reporting issues with their heating systems.

8:00 AM – First Service Call

  • After loading up the van with the necessary tools and supplies, I head out to the first appointment.
  • Mrs. Johnson, a long-time customer, has reported that her furnace is making strange noises and not heating her home properly.
  • Upon arrival, I inspect the furnace and identify a issue with the blower motor.
  • With her approval, I replace the faulty part, and her furnace is back to running smoothly, keeping her family warm and toasty.

11:00 AM – Routine Maintenance

Next on the agenda is a routine maintenance visit for one of our commercial clients, a local restaurant. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure their HVAC system runs efficiently and extends its lifespan.

2:00 PM – Emergency Call

Just as I’m wrapping up the maintenance job, an emergency call comes in from a frantic homeowner. Their air conditioning unit has stopped working, and with temperatures soaring, it’s becoming unbearable inside. I quickly make my way to their address and assess the situation.

5:00 PM – End of the Day

After a long but rewarding day, I head back to the office to restock my van and file the necessary paperwork. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that I’ve helped numerous homeowners and businesses maintain a comfortable indoor environment, whether it’s keeping them cool during the hot summer months or warm and cozy throughout the winter.