Do you own a commercial property in Oviedo, FL or Altamonte Springs, FL and want to know how to maintain and repair HVAC systems? Brought to you by Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC, this guide will teach you all the basics. Let’s delve right in!

Whether you’re dealing with the sweltering Florida summer or the somewhat pleasant Florida winter, your commercial HVAC system plays an indispensable role in maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. Therefore, knowing some general maintenance and repair tips helps you reduce the system’s downtime.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most basic yet vital things you can do is regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system. Ensure your filters are always clean and are replaced as necessary – dirty filters not only reduce efficiency but can lead to other, more expensive problems down the line.

Additionally, all the external and internal components of your HVAC system, from ducts and vents to fans and coils, should be kept clean. Accumulation of dirt and dust is not only unsanitary but can decrease your system’s efficacy and life expectancy.

Understanding Common HVAC Issues

Being well-versed with your system helps identify and rectify common HVAC issues. Keep an ear out for unusual noises such as rattling, buzzing, or whistling. These could be a sign of loose components, electrical problems, or even duct leaks. Understanding these signs could save you from drawing straws while finding a remedial solution.

Similarly, if the air blowing from your vents doesn’t feel as it should – not cool enough in summer or not warm enough in winter – there might be an issue with your system. Regular thermostat checks can help rectify such complications.

When to Call Professionals

While DIY tips can help resolve minor issues, some problems require expert assistance. A reputable Commercial HVAC Company in Winter Park, FL such as Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC can provide necessary professional services. Whether you need a heating company in Orlando, FL or plumbing & HVAC Company services, it’s crucial to know when expert help is required.

Lastly, remember that regular professional maintenance increases the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system. So, invest in regular service checks from trusted HVAC companies, and enjoy a seamless, comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Empowered with these basic DIY tips, you can now handle minor glitches of your HVAC system in your commercial space. However, don’t forget to seek professionals for major issues. Trust only the best – trust Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC.