Welcome to our neighborhood! Grissom Brother Service Company is more than just your trusted licensed Ductless HVAC Service and HVAC Service provider – we’re also proud members of a lively, diverse community packed with amazing places to visit and things to do.

When you schedule your next appointment with us, why not also plan to explore some of the entertainment, dining, and relaxation hotspots our area offers?

Begin your day with a delightful brunch at the local ‘Farmhouse Cafe’. Known for their farm-to-table dishes, they redefine breakfast and lunch wrapping it in unparalleled culinary excellence.

Next, visit the ‘Turbo Art Gallery’, a vibrant cross-cultural art scene that continuously brings together an array of fascinating exhibitions featuring local and international artists. It’s a place where the world of art, imagination, and creativity are boundless.

No visit would be complete without experiencing the calm serenity of the ‘Jubilee Gardens’. Walkthrough lush greenery and vibrant flowers, find a quiet spot to relax, or visit the historic ‘Observatory Lodge’ located within the park.

Before you call it a day, stop at the ‘Stardust Theater’. Whether it’s drama, comedy, or musicals, this classic theater features performances that are guaranteed to entertain.

Finally, treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner at ‘Vesuvius’, an Italian restaurant offering gourmet dishes that are an gastronomic delight.

Of course, we’d love to see you too! Schedule your regular HVAC maintenance or services with us at your own convenience. Your comfort remains our priority and we’re here to ensure you have a worry-free experience.

Welcome once again to our vibrant neighborhood!