Turn your heat disaster into a frosty paradise with Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. Yes, you heard it right; AC repair has never been so smooth, nor this cool!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Got an AC acting up? We’ve got you covered. Our expert AC contractors are here to ensure your AC installation process is as breezy as the crisp air it provides. They’ve got more secret AC superpowers than there are leaves in Ocala, FL!

Getting through a Sunshine State summer without AC is like making BBQ without the grill- unthinkable! That’s why we’re offering our top-quality AC services across Lady Lake, Wildwood, The Villages, Oxford & Summerfield, FL.

More than just an HVAC Company

At Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc, we believe in staying cool under pressure- and we mean that literally! Our team of ice warriors is geared up to replace your hot-headed AC with our icy-cool precision and breezy demeanor.

So, this summer, let the Sun Kool folks turn every scorching day into a cool breeze. Because the only thing hotter than a Florida summer should be your next beach barbecue!